1.3 Related Resources

The following resources are referenced throughout the course content. Please click on the links below.

Legal Profession Act

The Rules of the Law Society of Alberta

The Code of Conduct

Module 2

The Accounting Process

Prescribed Financial Records

Accounting Tips

Bookkeeping and Accounting in a Law Office

What Kind of Accounting Software Should I Buy?

Accountants Report

Start-Up Report

Module 3

Responsible Lawyer and Trust Account Approval Protocol

Detailed Accounting Questions

Application to Designate a Responsible Lawyer and/or Operate a Trust Account

Application for Exemption

Accountants Report

Law Firm Self-Report

Bank Drafts and Money Orders

Electronic Banking Withdrawal

Trust Account and Client Ledger Shortages 

Module 4

Law Firm Self-Report

Accountant's Report

Trust Conditions Guideline

Trust Safety Accounting Upload User Guide – PC Law and SFTP Software

Trust Safety Accounting Upload user Guide - EsiLaw and SFTP Software

Trust Safety Accounting Upload User Guide - EsiLaw 360 and SFTP Software

Trust Safety Accounting Upload User Guide - Clio and SFTP Software

Undisbursable Trust Money - For Client Matters Less Than $50 Value

Undisbursable Trust Money - For Client Matters Greater Than $50 Value

Module 5

CRA Website

CRA “Do You Need a Business Number?” 

CRA “Registering Your Business”

"How Lawyer Organize Their Professional Businesses

Taxation of Lawyers

CRA Online Payroll Deduction Calculator

CRA Form RC4110 “Employee or Self-Employed?”

Alberta Learning Information Service’s “Employee or Contractor—Know the Difference

Business Registration Online

Methods of Calculating Deductions

GOC "EI Premium Reduction Program"

CRA Tax Centres

CRA "Employers' Guide: Filing the T4 Slip and Summary"

CRA "Completing and Filing Information Returns"

Alberta Learning Information Service's  “Employer’s Guide to Employment Rules

WCB website

Module 6

CRA Definitions: commercial activity and are subject to the GST/HST (including zero-rated supplies)

CRA "Zero-rated supplies—List of GST/HST zero-rated supplies

CRA P-209R ‘Lawyer’s Disbursements’

Module 7

Client Identification and Verification


Detecting Identity Fraud

Module 8

Rules of Court

Interactive Retainer Letter Guide

Interactive Non-engagement Letter Guide

Contingency Fee Issues

Module 9

File Retention and Document Management

File Stripping Example

LSBC "Closed Files: Retention and Disposal"

Module 10

LawPro "Preparing Your Practice for the Unpredictable"

Safeguarding Your Practice

Disaster Recovery

Contingency Planning Guide: When Bad Things Happen to Good Lawyers

Module 11

Practice Pro's website

Practice Pro Article: Managing Conflict of Interest Situations

Law Society of British Columbia's Code of Professional Conduct

CBA Website

Practice Pro's (Ontario) : Managing Conflict of Interest Situations

Practice Pro's : Beware of the Dangers of Acting for Family and Friends

The Elements of Conflicts Waivers

Module 12

The Difficult Client - Practice Tips

Lawyer Referral Service

Model Non-Engagement Letter

Dealing with the Difficult Client by Carole Curtis

Identifying and Managing Difficult, High-Conflict Personality Clients

Identifying and Managing High Conflict Personality Clients

Spotting Dangerous Clients in 3 Steps

Client with Mental Health Issues - Tips

LESA Article: Difficult Clients and Difficult Lawyers

LESA Course: Dealing with Difficult People

CBA Webinar: Dealing With Difficult People

Achieve Webinar: Dealing with Difficult People

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