Closing Files - Organizing

You should establish a method of numbering and organizing the closed files. The information should be maintained in a database, and perhaps in a hard copy file or closing book that lists sequentially the file name, original file number, closed file number, storage box number, storage location and file destruction date. The complexity of your cataloguing system will depend on the number of files to be closed and the type of storage facilities to be utilized. The system should be detailed in your firm manual, so that regardless of when the file is closed, there is consistency in the method. Keep in mind that a subsequent issue may arise requiring you to pull the closed file from storage urgently. If your cataloguing system fails to accurately describe where the file is located, the ability to pull files quickly will be compromised.

In some cases you may have a difficult time establishing a file destruction date at the time a file is put into storage. You will need a system for calling up these files for reconsideration of the destruction date.

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