2.8 Approved Software

Integrated Legal Accounting Software

Examples:  PCLAW™, ESILAW and Clio

These packages take the idea of a general accounting and financial statement package and apply them to the specific needs of the legal market. As well as offering all the features of the general accounting systems, they can (and usually do) incorporate conflict checking, calendaring (bring forward systems) and management reports specific to lawyers and law offices. They are usually available from local distributors, from sales offices or on the Internet.

Initial cost:  Typically $500 and up


  • Full computerized accounting system
  • Some integrated legal systems (conflict checking, calendaring, bring-forward systems)
  • Integrated time-keeping and billing
  • Save the cost of an accountant to complete the annual Accountant’s Report by uploading trust account records directly to the Law Society


  • Requires training to use the component parts effectively
  • May require a trained or experienced bookkeeper or accounting department
  • Only three approved software systems at this time

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