Preparing to Meet

To get the most out of Mentor Express, we encourage mentees to ask themselves some key questions in advance of their meetings: 

  • Why did I choose to meet this specific mentor? 
  • What guidance or insight am I seeking from them? 
  • What are some questions I would like to ask them? 

Considering these things in advance will give mentees the opportunity to make the best use of their mentors’ time and focus.

Let your mentor know in advance of your meeting what you hope to cover with them.

Mentees should also think about developing a mentoring plan to focus their thoughts on what they hope to gain from the experience. A good plan should set goals and provide a road map for things they want to discuss. 

It can include a broad or narrow list of topics but should never be regarded as a closed book. Always remain open to discussing other issues as they come up and revisit others if circumstances change.

A good mentoring plan:

  • Establishes clear goals.
  • Helps you understand each other's needs and evaluate whether you are the right person to meet them.
  • Identifies topics - professional or personal - that you want to deal with.
  • Sets boundaries for the relationship.
  • Determines how you will contact each other.
  • Establishes timing of future meetings.

Last modified: Wednesday, 6 October 2021, 7:45 PM