Do's and Don'ts

Mentorship is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about a wide variety of personal and professional development topics, including interpersonal communications, lawyer-client relationships, practice management, time management and much more.

Mentor Express is not meant for discussing substantive law issues, as this would introduce complications related to conflicts of interest, due diligence and indemnity coverage for mentors.

If you have a substantive law question, please take advantage of AdvisorLink, another program offered by the Law Society where volunteer lawyers can answer your one-off inquiries in a wide range of practice areas. 

Mentor Express is not meant for job hunting.

Mentees can discuss job search strategies, alternate career paths, resume building and interview skills, but should not ask mentors for employment.

View this document for some other ideas for discussion topics between mentees and mentors. You may use these ideas to develop your mentoring plan if you want.

Last modified: Wednesday, 6 October 2021, 7:45 PM