The Law Practice Essentials course is intended to assist lawyers in learning about key areas applicable to all lawyers in private practice. It does not attempt to cover a complete knowledge base for each area but rather captures, highlights and provides an overview of core concepts. We want to equip you, as an Alberta lawyer, with the tools you need to be successful throughout the lifecycle of your career. 

Designed to be self-paced and self-tested, each module includes content, knowledge checks, and suggested resources you can complete as it works for your schedule. 

If you are interested in learning about marketing, trust safety, and topics related to running a law firm, please visit the Law Business Essentials course.

You may take this course as part of your annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plan. Course content may be relevant to different competencies.

Need help? Please see the Frequently Asked Questions for more information or contact the Education Department.

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