Articling Students

A full discussion of articling students is outside the scope of this Module. However, if you decide to hire an articling student, make sure that you know the rules regarding your obligations, the student's obligations, and the procedures that must be followed in the student-principal relationship. 

You must ensure your articling student receives proper training and does not engage in prohibited activities. If the scope of your practice does not provide a sufficient articling experience, you or your student may have to arrange a secondment to ensure your student receives proper articles. Note that there are limits to secondments (Rule 57(5) of the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta). The Law Society’s website provides information about secondments and composite articles.

The Code of Conduct (Rule 6.2), the Legal Profession Act (section 38) and the Rules of the Law Society of Alberta (Rules 54 to 58.1) set out the articling requirements. The Rules of the Law Society of Alberta (Rule 53) permits an articling student to provide all legal services a lawyer can offer, with some exceptions. For additional information, review the resources on the Law Society's website and contact Membership Services. 

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